The six week 75 minute classes will incorporate various meditations, breath-work, posture and discussion. You will learn simple techniques to use at home or anywhere to help reduce anxiety, depression, addiction and stress. We will look at ways to tame the mind and bring our awareness inward in order to create much happier and more rewarding lives.

This course is open to people of all ages and traditions who wish to experience more positive states of mind, such as calmness, clarity, emotional positivity and a deeper seeing of the true nature of things.

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Yoga Instructor

Kamila Lukaszewicz


Kamila Lukaszewicz is an alchemist, helping people transform and rekindle parts of themselves, which haven’t been loved yet. She is practicing different healing arts including sound therapy, massage, Quantum Coherence Therapy, beauty therapy, meditation and yoga to help people enjoy their beauty, health and the wholeness within.

Kamila is working using the collaborative approach with clients to create an intuitive process of opening and clearing all senses, for healing to occur. She sees it as it, as being a catalyst or an ignition for the client to make the necessary changes for themselves.

During her sessions and group work Kamila creates safe and high vibrational space using different tools to help people access their potential and bring it forward. In her spare time Kamila creates art deriving her inspiration from the powerful force of nature and human movement using all the tools she can.