The Gift Of Experience Shiatsu

Delve into the world of Shiatsu, energy awareness, mindfulness and mediation. This revitalising workshop will give participants an introduction to Shiatsu. Our excellent Shiatsu practitioner Julien will guide you through fundamental principles of Shiatsu in safe and supported space.

The workshop is focused on sensing energy, energy through our own hands and then applying this to others. You will be guided through a wonderful supine Shiatsu stress release routine and introduced to the different qualities of touch that Shiatsu offers as a therapy.

There will be an exploration of self with movements to raise your energy with fresh, clean, positive Ki alongside short guided meditations in preparation for bringing awareness to your own body.

This weekend will leave you feeling revitialised and give you wonderful insight into the world of Shiatsu which may be helpful for those who are thinking of joining the first year course in Japanese Acupressure in January.

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Course Details:
Feb 19th & 20th
10am – 5pm
The Healthy Way, Ralph Square, Leixlip, Co. Kildare

Workshop Instructor