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Cultured Food Company Organic Raw Sauerkraut


By harnessing the natural power of microbes, The Cultured Food Company have transformed food through wild fermentation creating a whole new taste sensation rich with real culture! Located in the heart of West Cork, The Cultured Food Co started in 2014. Following an education in holistic nutrition founder Hayley was well aware of the health benefits of live cultured foods. For those that don’t know, cultured foods are naturally rich in probiotics and are a powerful tool for supporting digestive health. Starting from humble begining’s in her own kitchen making sauerkrauts and kimchi for family and friends Hayley quickly realised there was an opening in the market for her products in Ireland. Hayley’s unpasturised sauerkraut is 100% natural made with organic cabbage, producing an authentic and versatile condiment lending itself to a perfectly flavoured authentic Korean side dish.

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