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At The Healthy Way we want to give you a helping hand to achieve a healthy mind, body and spirit. However small or big your health and wellbeing goals, we are here to offer expert advice, education, support and motivation.

Talk to our friendly, expert staff to find out how we can help you. We offer a variety of health products, yoga classes, shiatsu, reflexology, homeopathy and alternative workshops.

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  • Iridology & Nutrition Iris

    Iridology and Nutritional Therapy Your eyes are not just the “windows to your soul” but also the “unique mirror of your body” as they have vast amount of information about your health and each of your organ function. Iris (the coloured parts of the eyes) are totally unique and can give important insight into your overall health status, constitutional tendencies and metabolic status of a person. It is a natural non invasive analysis tool and is used to suggest a particular diet and healing regime for each person. Iridology can help to target key areas of focus in your health. Nutritional focus is ...

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